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Computer surveillance and security covers a wide range of ways to keep you and your information safe. Learn about firewalls, zombie computers, hackers and workplace surveillance.

Companies Are Figuring Out How to Turn the Tables on Hackers

Active defense techniques are changing how companies fight back against cybercrooks.

2016 Broke the Record for Stolen Data

2016 was memorable for a whole lot of reasons, and one of them was the massive amount of data stolen.

Alexa, Buy a Dollhouse!

It’s sweet to have a personal assistant like Amazon’s Alexa do your bidding. Except when it does something you didn’t anticipate, like order an adorable dollhouse.

Why Ransomware Is the Perfect Hack

Ransomware is coming for us all.

A Spotify Bug Could Be Killing Your Hard Drive

Is it affecting yours?

A Storm Is Brewing: The Trouble of Malware in the Cloud

Malicious software is threatening the safety of some major cloud hosting services. Here's what a team of researchers is doing to help kick the bad guys out.

Passwords Sent Securely Through Your Body, Not the Air

To thwart hackers from intercepting wireless signals, engineers send a signal through the body, from a smartphone fingerprint scanner to a 'smart lock.'

We Just Got Closer to Creating Unbreakable Quantum Enigma Machines

Researchers have developed experimental versions of a device that could send encrypted messages impossible to intercept or decipher.

Sauron's Spies Are Everywhere — Even on Computers

Cybersecurity experts recently discovered an insidiously clever piece of malware that went unnoticed for half a decade. The name? ProjectSauron.

Hackers Turn Computer Fans Into Snitches

You know how you can't really disconnect your PC's fan unless you want a hot mess on your hands? Turns out that fan could serve a more nefarious purpose, too.