How the Google Chrome Browser Works

Chrome Web Store and Developer Dashboard

Google provides the Android Market, where you can download and install apps for Android smartphones and tablets. The Chrome Web Store is the Android Market equivalent for Chrome apps. Visit the Chrome Web Store ( to search and download Chrome extensions, apps and themes. Note that you'll need to be signed on to your Google account to use the Chrome Web Store, even if you only download free content.

Besides extensions and apps, you can also find Chrome themes at the Chrome Web Store. Like desktop themes for your computer, Chrome themes change the appearance of the interface. Most Chrome themes feature a background image which is mostly hidden unless you're viewing the New Tab Page. If you ever need to reset your browser to its default theme, go to Settings, select Options, click Personal Stuff, and use the "Reset to default theme" button.


Google has opened extension and app development to the public through its Chrome Developer Dashboard ( To become a developer, sign in with your Google account and use the instructions and links at the Developer Dashboard to add developer account information. As a Chrome developer, you can create and publish extensions, apps and themes to the Chrome Web Store.

Though Google strives to make the Chrome browser itself stable and reliable, user feedback is the primary means of evaluating the community-contributed contents of the Chrome Web Store. When you shop there, read the reviews before you click the download button so you know what to expect. Also, consider contributing your own review after you've had a chance to download and use the new content.

If your Chrome browser crashes, hangs or otherwise misbehaves, consider the extensions, apps and themes you're using and whether those may be to blame. Don't hesitate to disable or remove any content that isn't working. If you want to help the developers make improvements, let them know about your experiences. Many developers welcome this direct feedback by adding an app support link on the content's main page in the Chrome Web Store.

At this point, you've read about all of Chrome's major features and advantages, including the wealth of additional content available from the Chrome Web Store. Next, let's switch directions and look at Chrome's speed.