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In the Graphics & Video section, we explore the processes behind manipulating visual content on your computer. We’ll explore the processes behind manipulating graphics and video.

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While Microsoft will stop providing support for Paint, and won't bundle it in the new Windows OS, a 3-D version will exist and the classic app will remain available for download.

By Jonathan Strickland

Apps that augment the coloring book experience may revolutionize how we put crayon to paper.

By Laurie L. Dove

Before the graphical user interface, we needed text commands to operate our computers. But it may not be long before we can do our work by gesturing with our hands. What tools make it possible?

By Jonathan Strickland


Imagine you have a movie marathon weekend -- while you're hooked up to a functional MRI machine. Now imagine that a computer could guess what you were watching after gathering all that MRI data, and you have an idea what some researchers are up to.

By Marianne Spoon

Apple has a video chat app called Facetime. So how does it work and who can use it?

By Kathryn Whitbourne

You'd like to learn how to watch free movies on your computer. Read here about how to watch free movies on your computer.

By Contributors

If you know how to upload a video to a computer you can enjoy your VHS home movies from a computer screen. Learn about how to upload a video to a computer in this article.

By Contributors


To broadcast the 2008 Summer Olympic Games online, American broadcast network NBC chose Microsoft Silverlight. Can it beat Adobe Flash and set a new standard?

By Jonathan Strickland

Have a camcorder and a computer? Add a piece of software to the mix and you can turn a home movie into a high-quality video masterpiece!

By Marshall Brain & Roxanne Reid

There's a special command your computer sends when your keyboard and mice have been idle for a period of time. Find out how your computer activates your screensaver.

In this article, we'll find out exactly what Shockwave 3-D technology is and how it works. We'll also explore some applications of this technology and check out some very cool 3-D images.

By Tom Harris


In the late 1980s, Adobe introduced its Type 1 fonts based on vector graphics. Unlike bitmapped fonts, vector fonts could be made larger or smaller and still look good.

Screensavers used to be necessary due to CRT monitor quirks -- now they're mostly used for entertainment and security. Find out what a screensaver is and how it knows when to kick in.

By Jeff Tyson

3-D graphics are essential to realistic computer games and object modeling -- they can make computer images look totally life-like! But how is a computer model transformed into the image you see on the screen?

By Curt Franklin

GIF and JPEG formats may be the most commonly used, but there are other useful image formats for more specific purposes. Find out what they are and how to use them.


Digital images can be saved by numerous methods and in countless file sizes. Learn how the jpg format compresses your photos while maintaining resolution.