Computer programmers write, test and implement code necessary to make certain functions happen on a computer. In this section, learn about programs like Perl and Java or how relational databases and algorithms work.


What are relational databases?

The relational database was born in 1970 when E.F. Codd, a researcher at IBM, wrote a paper outlining the process. At the time, databases were "flat," and stored as one long text file. Learn how the relational database changed the way we work.

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  • How Bits and Bytes Work
    How Bits and Bytes Work

    Bytes and bits are the starting point of the computer world. Find out about the Base-2 system, 8-bit bytes, the ASCII character set, byte prefixes and binary math. See more »

  • How Boolean Logic Works
    How Boolean Logic Works

    Boolean logic is the key to many of a computer's most mysterious and human-like functions, from playing chess to balancing a checkbook. How do "AND," "NOT" and "OR" make such amazing things possible? See more »

  • How C Programming Works
    How C Programming Works

    A computer program is the key to the digital city: If you know the language, you can get a computer to do almost anything you want. Get the scoop on how C works and why it's so important. See more »

  • How CGI Scripting Works
    How CGI Scripting Works

    CGI, or common gateway interface, allows Web servers to store dynamic Web pages that can change and update rather than remain a fixed page. This article explains the process, plus shows you how to write your own scripts. See more »

  • How Data Integration Works
    How Data Integration Works

    Data integration is a simple idea, but the process can be quite complex. Once a computer gets information from a user, how does it know what to do next? See more »

  • How does JavaScript work and how can I build simple calculators with it?
    How does JavaScript work and how can I build simple calculators with it?

    As programming languages go, JavaScript is average difficulty. Learn what Javascript is and how to build calculators with it. See more »

  • How HTML5 Works
    How HTML5 Works

    HTML5 isn't just another HTML revision, but a comprehensive standard for how Web pages work. What sets it apart from previous versions? See more »

  • How Java Works
    How Java Works

    Whether you're a seasoned computer user or are just beginning to experiment, this step-by-step guide will get you started with Java. Begin with this basic tutorial, and then move on to more advanced skills. See more »

  • How Perl Works
    How Perl Works

    Perl is easy to use once you know the basics. It can be used to create DOS batch files, C shell scripts, CGI scripts for Web pages and more. Get a great introduction to this versatile programming language. See more »

  • Tech Talk: Java Quiz
    Tech Talk: Java Quiz

    Java is a popular programming language that's relatively easy to use. Are you a programming guru or a novice? Take our quiz to find out. See more »

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