Web design and development can be as easy as using a template to build a web site or it can be a refined skill for professionals. In this section, learn more about design, animation, web servers, domain names and more.

How Prepaid Internet Works

Prepaid internet is often a great option for the cost-conscious consumer. Learn more about prepaid internet in this article.

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  • How Web 3.0 Will Work

    How Web 3.0 Will Work

    Web 3.0 isn't even a reality yet, and it's already creating a stir. How can a Web browser act like a personal assistant? And when will this assistant be online? See more »

  • How Web Advertising Works

    How Web Advertising Works

    Most of us encounter Internet-based ads on a daily basis, and some of us have the misfortune of being utterly bombarded. Does anyone actually click on those things? Find out all about the world of Web advertising. See more »

  • How Web Animation Works

    How Web Animation Works

    These days, you can find animated figures all across the Internet! Ready to give life to your own creations? Learn about dynamic HTML, animated GIFs, Java, Shockwave and Flash animation techniques. See more »

  • How Web Pages Work

    How Web Pages Work

    You can put anything you want on a Web page, from family pictures to business information, to your random thoughts and musings. Learn how to create, upload and promote your pages so they're available all over the world. See more »

  • If I want to create my own Web site, what do I have to do?

    If I want to create my own Web site, what do I have to do?

    Are you ready to get your brilliant idea online and active? Here's the breakdown of what you'll need to do. See more »

  • Is there a Web 1.0?

    Is there a Web 1.0?

    Without Web 2.0, there's no Web 1.0. But can you define Web 1.0 by calling it everything Web 2.0 isn't? And what does it have to do with Internet browsing? See more »

  • Net Neutrality Primer

    Net Neutrality Primer

    Net neutrality can be summed up by a familiar saying: If it's not broken, don't fix it. But how you define "broken" determines in where you stand. Find out why telecom providers are duking it out with content providers like Google and Amazon. See more »

  • Tech Talk: Web 3.0 Quiz

    Tech Talk: Web 3.0 Quiz

    Do you remember when Web pages were in basic HTML and there was no such thing as online social networking? Things have changed fast, but do you know where the Web is going now? Take our Web 3.0 Quiz to learn about the future of web technology. See more »

  • Tech Talk: Web Page Quiz

    Tech Talk: Web Page Quiz

    Millions of us visit Web pages every single day. Whether it's to check e-mail, check the news or read our friends' blogs, Web pages are the integral part of the Internet. But how exactly does a Web page work? See more »

  • Top 5 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

    Top 5 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

    Being an entrepreneur requires a good idea, strong business acumen and a willingness to put in long hours until your idea pays off. For some, hard work has paid off in ways the rest of us can barely imagine. See more »

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