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How does Groupon work?

If you shop online, you've probably heard of Groupon -- that is, if you haven't used it already. It's been called the fastest-growing company in history, but how does it work?

How to Browse the Web on Your iPad

Apple claims that when you browse the Web on your iPad, you hold the Internet in your hands. How can you optimize your online time with this popular tablet?

How to Block Other Facebook Users

Getting constant status updates from Facebook friends can be fun -- or frightful. When your virtual pals' posts are no longer amusing, what are your options?

How to Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Protecting your personal information online is not easy, but tweaking your Facebook preferences can give you greater control over your social network visibility.

How to Post a Perfect Tweet

Anyone can open a Twitter account, but what does it take to command an audience in 140 characters or less?

How to Post on Facebook via Twitter

Trying to post repeat information to all your social networks can be a drag. If you have a message you want to broadcast widely, is there a way to do it easily?

How to Artfully Cull Your Facebook Friends List

Sometimes, your Facebook Friends list simply gets out of control. How do you determine who makes the cut? Don't stress. We'll help.

Who should you follow on Twitter?

Want to optimize your Twitter feed by following the right people? We'll help you sort and prioritize your list.

How to Manage Your Twitter Feed

Twitter might seem like an exercise in (entertaining) brevity, but even it can get out of control. What are the best ways to tame your feed?

Is Facebook sharing your personal information?

Most of us understand that the Internet only has the information that we provide it: "Think before you click" is a common warning for all users. But for a site like Facebook, that can get complicated. Does Facebook share your personal information?

How Facebook Photo Tags Work

It's fun to point out the faces of people you know in real albums, and you can do the same thing with Facebook phototagging. What are photo tags, and is there a faster way to identify your friends?

How Twitpic Works

These days, all sorts of people -- from celebrities to average Joes -- post pictures on Twitter. How do they do it? Find out in How Twitpic Works.

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of iTunes

iTunes is like most other complex tools. It works well right out of the box, but it can become a powerful, personalized media manager with a few simple modifications and adjustments. So, what can you do to get the most out of iTunes?