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Software refers to the programs your computer uses to perform the actions you want it to. Learn all about computer software, from Web browsers to the latest operating systems, with our explanations, reviews, videos and prices.

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How do you convert an mp3 file to a wav file?

Manage your music as you’d like by converting files to different formats. Learn how to convert an mp3 file to wav file in this article.

Can you find free video editing software on the Internet?

More people are making their own videos these days. Learn whether you can find free video editing software on the Internet in this article.

Are data mining and data warehousing related?

Understanding data is a critical business tool. Learn how data mining and data warehousing are related in this article.

Are there free registry cleaners?

Your registry file gets cluttered the more you use your computer. Learn whether you can find free registry cleaners in this article.

How to Make a Table On Microsoft Word

You need to make a table on Microsoft Word, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a table on Microsoft Word in this article.

How to Make a Timeline in Microsoft Word 2007

You need to make a timeline in Microsoft Word 2007, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a timeline in Microsoft Word 2007 in this article.

How to Make a Graph in Excel

You need to make a graph in Excel, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a graph in Excel in this article.

How to Make a Bar Graph In Excel

Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet program that enables you to keep track of and display data in many ways, including bar graphs. Learn how to make a bar graph in Excel from this article.

How to Make a Brochure in Microsoft Word 2007

A brochure is an excellent way to promote your business, organization, service or institution, and Microsoft Word 2007 is an excellent to make one. Read this article to learn how to make a brochure in Microsoft Word 2007.

How to Make a Data Table

You need to make a data table, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a data table in this article.

How the Google Chrome OS Works

Google's new operating system is designed to be faster and to require less maintenance than existing OSes. What will you give up in return? Will you be running it on your everyday machine?

How Time Management Software Works

If you have overflowing to-do lists and find yourself missing appointments and forgetting deadlines, time management software might be for you. How can these programs help you make the best use of your time?

Why do people pirate software?

Some say the reason people steal software is because of its cost. But it turns out there are many reasons why people pirate computer programs. Is there any effective way to prevent software piracy?

How Palm webOS Works

Palm is trying to recapture the hearts of gadget fans with its new smartphone operating system, the webOS. Can the webOS help Palm beat out the BlackBerry and iPhone?

How The Pirate Bay Works

File sharing is a controversial and, in many cases, illegal pastime. Sites that track BitTorrent files are already magnets for scrutiny. But with a name like The Pirate Bay, you know the site will get extra attention.

How Wirth's Law Works

Computer hardware continues to get faster, seemingly in accordance with Moore's Law. But an axiom known as Wirth's Law says that software is getting slower even more quickly. Why?

Will Google destroy Microsoft?

As they branch out into other fields, tech giants Google and Microsoft are engaged in a full-scale turf war. Which one -- if either -- will come out on top?

Bill Gates Pictures

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has had a successful career – to put it mildly. He’s also had all sorts of adventures along the way, like jamming out with Slash during a session of Guitar Hero. Keep up with the mastermind in this image gallery.

How Silverlight Works

To broadcast the 2008 Summer Olympic Games online, American broadcast network NBC chose Microsoft Silverlight. Can it beat Adobe Flash and set a new standard?

How Adobe AIR Works

is well-known for Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software. So why did the company release AIR, a software development platform?

How Genuine Advantage Notifications Work

Microsoft's Genuine Advantage Notifications system can help users identify pirated Microsoft software. Learn more about GAN in this article.

How Data Integration Works

Data integration is a simple idea, but the process can be quite complex. Once a computer gets information from a user, how does it know what to do next?

How Web Operating Systems Work

What if you could access all your software and files from any computer? If you use a Web operating system, all you need is a Web browser and the Internet.

What is so productive about productivity software?

Plain and simple, productivity software takes our ideas and makes them a reality. These programs will help you get the job done. But how much of the work do they actually do?

How LimeWire Works

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing system that features music and other media downloads shared between users. Learn about LimeWire in this article.