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Software refers to the programs your computer uses to perform the actions you want it to. Learn all about computer software, from Web browsers to the latest operating systems, with our explanations, reviews, videos and prices.

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How can you check the version of Android on your tablet, and how do you update it? We have some simple steps.

By Chris Pollette & Eric Seeger

When it comes to smartphones and tablet PCs, apps are where it's at. But as addicting and fun as they are, applications are as vulnerable to safety concerns as any other piece of software.

By Shanna Freeman

Why is that pair of shoes you looked at on Amazon last week following you around the Web? How does the Internet know you considered buying them?

By Clint Pumphrey


The Interwebs are full of freebies, especially when it comes to software. But before you click on that tempting free download, you might want to think twice -- and do your homework first.

By Kate Kershner

Now that you figured out the Blogger's basic features, it's time to dig a little deeper to find new and hidden features that will help you make your blog look and read better.

By Ed Grabianowski

If you're wondering why everyone on the Internet thinks they're a photographer, you can probably thank Instagram. The filters, effects and social integration of the app make it very appealing, but is there more to its appeal?

By Jacob Clifton

There used to be a time when touching your computer screen would just lead to some smudgy fingerprints. Now, lots of computer users are carting around tablets that use touch-screen interfaces.

By Jeff Harder


Pinterest may not make much sense to the casual online user, but if you're trying to redecorate your living room or plan a wedding, the site is almost indispensable. What is Pinterest and why has it gotten so popular so quickly?

By Allison Wachtel

Amid a wave of new social media platforms, some people might be wondering, "What is Tumblr?". It's a popular platform for short-form microblogging, allowing users to share blog entries, photos, videos, and music. So, how does Tumblr work? Let's find out!

By Brian Boone

For your average computer user, operating systems like Windows or the MacOS are par for the course. But what if there wasn't an operating system? Would the computer still, well, compute?

By Kate Kershner & Talon Homer

That crazy-looking Web site offering a download of a movie still in the theatre could be providing more than illegal viewing. Viruses and malware could be hidden in the files. What are some other signs that a site might not be legit?

By Becky Striepe


Blogger has been around forever, so it's easy to forget that it's one of the easiest blogging tools to use – and a slew of new features have made it even easier.

By Ed Grabianowski

Streaming movies are a convenient way to catch a flick, but some of those online sites can be iffy, particularly if they offer free movies. We'll show you how to tell a legal site from a sketchy one.

By Nathan Chandler & Yara Simón

There is no great divide between Mac and Windows operating systems, thanks to Boot Camp. What does it take to install Windows on an Apple computer, and how does Boot Camp help you do it?

By Chris Pollette & Stephanie Crawford

A computer program is the key to the digital city: If you know the language, you can get a computer to do almost anything you want. Get the scoop on how C works and why it's so important.

By Marshall Brain & Stephanie Crawford


Linux is a free computer operating system that has been increasing in popularity. The same can be said of Ubuntu. There's a relationship between the two, but what is it?

By Jonathan Strickland

Your passwords are basically the digital equivalent of your house keys -- so you wouldn't want them in the wrong hands. How can you keep them safe?

By Stephanie Crawford

HTML5 isn't just another HTML revision, but a comprehensive standard for how Web pages work. What sets it apart from previous versions?

By Stephanie Crawford

Although numerous computer languages are used for writing computer applications, the computer programming language, C, is the most popular language worldwide. Learn more about the benefits of learning C programming from this article.

By Contributors


"Let's FaceTime" has become a common phrase, but what is FaceTime, exactly? Read on to explore how to use the Apple video chat app and the benefits surrounding its technology.

By Kathryn Whitbourne

Is Google Chrome poised to take over the browser market with its lean, mean contender, or are users too attached to their feature-loaded browsers to make the switch?

By Stephanie Crawford

You've heard about music and iTunes and you want to learn how to put music on iTunes. Here you will find out how to put music on iTunes.

By Contributors

Whether you want to share, keep a backup or just listen to music, knowing how to add songs to iTunes is a great way to build your own personal music library. Read this article to learn how to add songs to iTunes.

By Contributors


You want to sing solos to the music that's on your iTunes, but you don't know how to remove the vocals from songs on iTunes. This article will tell you how to remove the vocals from songs on iTunes.

By Contributors

You'd like to learn how to make the background image on your computer screen bigger. Read here to learn how to make the background image on your computer bigger.

By Contributors