Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are quickly becoming popular computing devices. Take a look at different types of tablets and get tips and information on how to use them.

Although many people use tablet PCs primarily for playing games and surfing the Web, Lenovo's ThinkPad tablet is all business.

The Nook Tablet aims to be more than just your digital bookshelf -- it wants to provide all your tablet PC needs, too. How does it stack up?

Microsoft released its first tablet long before the iPad came out, but the success of Apple's device showed Redmond it was time to try something new. Then in June 2012, the company announced Surface.

In September 2011, a German court ruled that certain hardware and software features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab violate patents held by Apple. Why is this case so important, and how will this ruling affect the tablet market?

Beyond its sleek design, Apple's iPad offers image quality and computing power that far exceeds that of even the best smartphones. But what are some accessories that can make the iPad even better?

Critics can't find many things to critique about Apple's elegant iPad 2. And now that multitasking is part of the package, it's more than just a toy -- it's a serious computing tool.

It can be difficult to determine which iPad best meets your needs. Do you need the added features that make the iPad 2 different -- and more expensive -- than the original, or are you better off saving your money and going with the first version?

Casual games are meant to be played for just a few minutes, but some are so addictive you end up playing for hours.

With few built-in controls except for a flat touch-screen interface, tablet computers are attractive, highly portable, easy to use and just plain cool. But how do you decide which one is right for you?

Tablets are designed to appeal to people who will take them everywhere and load them up with apps that promise to deliver convenience. Here's a list of apps that could make your life a lot less complex.

Google's Android operating system powers millions of smartphones around the world. Now you can buy Android-based tablet computers, too. What sets them apart from the competition?

It's one of the least expensive tablets on the market. So is the Velocity Cruz the best bang for your buck?

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is giving Apple's iPad a run for its money, but could Apple end up stopping the Galaxy's momentum in its tracks?

Toshiba's Thrive is the latest entrant in the tablet PC race. What sets it apart from the rest of the pack? We'll give you a rundown in this article.

In a rapidly growing tablet computer market, ASUS has held its own against powerhouses like Apple. How has this Taiwanese company done this?

Smaller than most other tablets and larger than smartphones, Dell's Streak tablets fill a niche in the mobile market. But can they really compete with the big kids?

Coby's tablets offer users a low-cost alternative to other tablet models out there, but how do they stack up, feature-wise? We'll examine Coby's lineup in this article.

Archos offer a lot of tablets -- and they're some of the most affordable on the market. See what your money gets you.

The Acer Iconia tablets have arrived on the scene. Can they dethrone the king of the tablet market?

Sony's unreleased tablets have been generating buzz from mobile users and gamers alike. Learn how they'll work.

With the G-Slate from LG, T-Mobile has claimed its spotlight in the tablet market. But does the G-Slate have muscle behind all its razzle dazzle?

Vizio's tablet integrates well with Vizio TVs, but is it too underpowered to stand against other tablets?

With five devices available in two sizes and a range of options, ViewSonic is serious about its tablets. But should consumers be?

Are the HTC Flyer and EVO View closer to being smartphones than tablets -- and do those labels matter? Learn how the HTC tablets work.

HP cancelled production of its TouchPad tablet after just six weeks on the market, but new plans (and one huge fire sale) may have secured its future.