Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are quickly becoming popular computing devices. Take a look at different types of tablets and get tips and information on how to use them.

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What's the difference between the iPad and iPad 2?

It can be difficult to determine which iPad best meets your needs. Do you need the added features that make the iPad 2 different -- and more expensive -- than the original, or are you better off saving your money and going with the first version?

How the Vizio Tablet Works

Vizio's tablet integrates well with Vizio TVs, but is it too underpowered to stand against other tablets?

10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids About Science

Amazing apps can take kids to the moon, let them play with dinosaurs and give them a look inside their bodies.

10 iPad Apps for Home Organization

Organizing your home is never easy, but there are ways to simplify the process. Until they invent technology that will actually do the work for you, these apps will help you get everything done.

10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read

Children take to iPads in much the same way they do to building blocks, dolls and trucks. Capitalize on that affinity by downloading these 10 apps to help teach your child to read.

5 Tips for iPad 2 Multitasking

Critics can't find many things to critique about Apple's elegant iPad 2. And now that multitasking is part of the package, it's more than just a toy -- it's a serious computing tool.

5 Essential iPad Accessories

Beyond its sleek design, Apple's iPad offers image quality and computing power that far exceeds that of even the best smartphones. But what are some accessories that can make the iPad even better?

How to Choose an iPad Keyboard Case

Love that shiny new iPad, but miss the clickety-clack of the keyboard? An iPad keyboard case could be the answer, and we can help you pick the right one.

How Tablets Work

Tablet computer sales are taking a bite out of other PCs but it took years before tablets became a hit with consumers. What makes them special?

How to Rearrange or Delete iPad Apps

You've been given an iPad as a present and you'd like to learn how to rearrange the icons on the screen or delete some of the apps that your friend thoughtfully downloaded for you. Find out here how to rearrange or delete iPad apps.

How to Set Up Your iPad

You just bought a new iPad and must learn how to set it up before you can use it. In this article you will learn how to set up your iPad.

How the BlackBerry Playbook Works

In September 2010, Research in Motion announced the BlackBerry Playbook. The BlackBerry brand has a strong foothold with corporate customers, but can the Playbook outsell Apple's iPad?

How to Change iPad Wallpaper and Grab Images from the Web

You'd like to learn how to change your iPad's wallpaper, perhaps to an image you grab off the Web. Read here to find out how to change your iPad wallpaper and grab images from the Web.

How do you transfer pictures to your iPad?

The iPad can store pictures, videos and music files. Learn how you can transfer pictures to your iPad in this article.

How the Motorola Xoom Works

Touted by many as the first real challenger to Apple's iPad, the Motorola Xoom is on a mission to rule the tablet market.