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WiFi & Mobile

Portable computing is increasingly essential. Learn how WiFi, airborne Internet and other mobile technologies work.

How Portable Internet Devices Work

Portable internet devices come in many different forms with versatile functions. Learn more about portable internet devices in this article.

Data Sent via Infrared Light Could Make WiFi Hundreds of Times Faster

New research out of the Netherlands suggests a way to rethink how we get the data we need from the internet and other networks to our devices — at super-fast speeds. See more »

WiFi: Handy but Also Harmful?

With scores of WiFi networks in place, is wading through an invisible ocean of JPGs, MP3s and more making you sick? BrainStuff leads you through the issue. See more »

10 Places to Find WiFi (So You Don't Eat up Your Data Plan)

Data plans are precious ... and finite. So knowing where to get your WiFi fix matters. With that said, have you tried a city bus? Or space? See more »

What if You Could Hear Wi-Fi and Feel Data?

The human senses capture just a sliver of the data bouncing around our environment. What if we could reveal more of that hidden world? See more »

How to Get Wi-Fi Connection With Windows Vista

If you know how to get a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect all your computers to the Internet at once. Learn about how to get Wi-Fi connection with Windows Vista. See more »

Your wireless network can’t function without an SSID. Learn what SSID stands for in this article. See more »

How Unified Communications Works

Although you might not use the term "unified communications" on a daily basis, chances are you practice its principles fairly often. Businesses especially use it to combine technologies, reduce costs and make things more efficient. See more »

How iTunes Mobile Works

Apple's iTunes software has helped the company sell millions of songs, applications and video clips. Most people use it on their computers, but what do you do when you want new music on the go? See more »

How are point-of-sale systems going mobile?

Point-of-sale systems started with the cash register and helped merchants streamline the way they tracked revenues. Now that these systems are going mobile, how are they revolutionizing the way consumers shop? See more »

How Google Maps for BlackBerry Devices Works

Making out-of-town business meetings can be challenging, especially when you have trouble finding the meeting site. Using Google Maps on your BlackBerry will help you beat the bad direction blues. See more »