Computer Operating Systems

Operating systems manage the tasks and resources on your computer. Learn how they work and about specific OS’s, such as Windows Vista or Linux.

How to Print from a Linux

Do you use the Linux operating system and wonder how to print from a Linux? Learn how to print from a Linux in this article.

Microsoft's New Operating System Won't Let Users Change Default Browser

It has a few other default settings that some users may take issue with, too.

How Windows 8 Works

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system works on computers and some mobile devices, too. It also brings big changes from earlier versions of Windows. What can you expect if you upgrade your computer?

How do I upgrade the version of Android on my tablet?

We're happy to help you get the latest, tastiest version of the Android operating system. Here's how.

Do tablets have a crash screen like other computers?

When desktop computers crash, they often have a screen with information about the crash and what to do next. But tablets work differently -- is there a crash screen that lets you know that your device needs a reboot?

5 Important Jobs Your Operating System Handles Without You Knowing

Operating systems help computer hardware and software communicate with each other. Although you're seeing some of what your OS does, it manages many more tasks. What's going on behind the scenes?

Are touch-screen interfaces changing operating systems?

There used to be a time when touching your computer screen would just lead to some smudgy fingerprints. Now, lots of computer users are carting around tablets that use touch-screen interfaces.

Can your computer run without an operating system?

For your average computer user, operating systems like Windows or the Mac OS are par for the course. But what if there wasn't an OS? Would the computer still, well, compute?

How Apple Boot Camp Works

The days of the great divide between Mac and Windows operating systems are over, thanks to Boot Camp. What does it take to install Windows on an Apple computer, and how does Boot Camp help you do it?

What's Ubuntu, and how is it different from Linux?

Linux is a free computer operating system that has been increasing in popularity. The same can be said of Ubuntu. There's a relationship between the two, but what is it?

Do you use the Linux operating system and wonder how to print from a Linux? Learn how to print from a Linux in this article.