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Top 5 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur requires a good idea, strong business acumen and a willingness to put in long hours until your idea pays off. For some, hard work has paid off in ways the rest of us can barely imagine.

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  • 10 Failed Google Projects

    10 Failed Google Projects

    Most people think of Google as a giant juggernaut of Internet success. But even the company behind the world's most popular search engine has had its share of blunders. See more »

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

    10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

    To paraphrase John Oliver, "net" and "neutrality" are two spectacularly boring words. But here's the annoying truth: You should care about net neutrality. Learn why. See more »

  • Expert Stuff: Google's Mike Cohen

    Expert Stuff: Google's Mike Cohen

    As powerful as computers are, they have difficulty listening and understanding the people who use them every day. How does Google attempt to enable accurate speech recognition within its product line? See more »

  • How Alltop Works

    How Alltop Works

    Search engines aren't always the best tools for finding the information you need. Sometimes you need human intervention. That's when it's time to visit Alltop. See more »

  • How ARPANET Works

    How ARPANET Works

    Before the Internet, there was ARPANET. Based on a governmental initiative, ARPANET built the World Wide Web from the ground up. See more »

  • How ASPs Work

    How ASPs Work

    One of the most unique business models spawned by the Web is the Application Service Provider. Learn all about this innovative Internet-based software-publishing model. See more »

  • How Banner Ads Work

    How Banner Ads Work

    Banner ads generate a big part of the revenue for many Web sites. Learn how banner ads work, how much they cost and how much you might earn if you put them on your Web page. See more »

  • How Domain Name Servers Work

    How Domain Name Servers Work

    When you type a URL into your Web browser's address bar, the correct page appears as if by magic (provided you typed it correctly). Is it the work of sorcery? Nope! Domain name servers are handling all the data behind the scenes. See more »

  • How Google Books Works

    How Google Books Works

    Among Google's goals is a project to scan books and make them available to anyone with access to the Internet. The idea is to spread knowledge, so why are so many people upset with the company's method for going through with the project? See more »

  • How Information Architecture Works

    How Information Architecture Works

    Building architects design spaces for us to live and work in, but what exactly do information architects do? Learn more about IA -- and how it saves us all from information overload. See more »

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