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There are many different types of desktop computers. Learn about PCs, supercomputers, printable computers and more.

How Quantum Computers Work

Scientists have already built basic quantum computers that can perform specific calculations; but a practical quantum computer is still years away. Learn what a quantum computer is and just what it'll be used for in the next era of computing.

New Quantum Computing Research Plots Safe Journey Through the Past

Researchers have some new ideas on how quantum computers can benefit from time-traveling particles without breaking causality.

What is the world’s fastest supercomputer used for?

Supercomputers are capable of some serious computing, so it's not surprising that they're used for serious purposes. In 2012, a new champion claimed the top spot of fastest computer. What was it?

Set your computer for energy savings. In this article, learn how to set you computer to save energy.

The general green angle behind upgrading a computer is easy enough to understand. Learn more about the most important thing to know before upgrading your desktop computer.

Is the desktop computer going the way of the dodo bird?

It's been a rumor for years -- the desktop computer will soon be extinct. But with netbooks, smartphones, tablets and cloud computing, is the rumor finally going to come true?

Computer Pictures

Computers have come a long way in the past few decades -- from filling up a room to slim and sleek designs that can nearly fit in your pocket. Take a look at some of the old and new models and learn about all the different features and types of these amazing machines.

Laptop Pictures

Whether you are shopping for a new laptop or just curious about the latest technologies on the market, take a look at our image gallery.

How Fabric PCs Will Work

Fabric PCs weigh less than a pound (0.45 kilograms) and have a display so flexible that it can be rolled and folded. Will this concept become a reality?

How the Google-Apple Cloud Computer Will Work

In cloud computing, programs and files are stored on a centralized computer or network. It's rumored that Google and Apple are teaming up to bring a cloud computer to the masses.

How Liquid-cooled PCs Work

In most computers, fans keep components cool. But if you want to use high-end hardware or coax a PC into running faster, liquid cooling can be a better solution.