Computer Hardware

From USB connectors to motherboards, the HowStuffWorks Computer Hardware Channel will help you find explanations, reviews, videos and prices for the parts you need.

Wondering what's inside your computer or some of the basics of how various types of computers and parts work? Get informed here.

A bus, or computer universal switch, is essential for data transfer within a computer or between more than one. We'll take a look at topics like PCI, SCSI, USB Ports and serial ports.

CPU is a well-known acronym in the computing world, but what is in them? Learn more about CPUs, including the newest processors and the technology behind CPU speed.

Nearly every desktop computer and server in use today contains one or more hard-disk drives. See how hard drives work and get troubleshooting and maintenance tips.

Memory refers to the amount of storage you have in your computer. We'll explore topics like RAM, caching and virtual memory.

Computer networking is the engineering that creates communication between computers and other devices. Learn about the different types of networking and the systems that make networking possible.

The performance of your computer relates to its supply of power. Learn how PC power supplies and computer batteries work.

There are many different types of desktop computers. Learn about PCs, supercomputers, printable computers and more.

Mac computers have loyal fans, and some say Macs are better than PCs. Explore the different types of Macs, related software and common myths and questions.

Tablet PCs are quickly becoming popular computing devices. Take a look at different types of tablets and get tips and information on how to use them.