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How Emojis Work

Those little pics that people use to represent their feelings or avoid misunderstandings have been around since the 1990s but have been picking up steam in the 21st century. Why's that?

Could an Attack on Undersea Cables Take Down the Internet?

The undersea cables that transmit the internet across the world are largely unprotected from terrorist or military attack.

Net Neutrality Is Gone. How Could That Affect You?

The idea behind net neutrality is for people to be able to access the same websites and services equally. Does that no longer hold true for U.S. residents?

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

To paraphrase John Oliver, "net" and "neutrality" are two spectacularly boring words. But here's the annoying truth: You should care about net neutrality. Learn why.

The Battle Looms Over Net Neutrality

The very future of the internet will be decided by a five-person panel from the Federal Communications Commission.

Constellations of Internet Satellites Will Beam Broadband Everywhere

And those satellites could provide you with crazy fast internet service.

Should You Have to Prove You've Read an Article Before Commenting?

More than half of people who post comments on news articles haven't read the articles. Is the point of online article to inform, or to provide a forum for discussion?

Why Most of Us May Never Get Verified on Twitter

Trying to get verified on Twitter? It's way more random than you think.

Our Online Personalities Change Across Different Social Media Platforms

Do we portray a consistent self across different social media platforms? A new study examines the faces we share.

Data Sent via Infrared Light Could Make WiFi Hundreds of Times Faster

New research out of the Netherlands suggests a way to rethink how we get the data we need from the internet and other networks to our devices — at super-fast speeds.

Annoying Verification On Its Way Out as CAPTCHA Goes Invisible

Google's CAPTCHA will use browsing habits to predict your humanity, only relying on the irritating jumble of letters for suspicious, potential bots.

Can the President Legally Delete a Tweet?

President Trump is an avid tweeter, and not always the best speller (remember unpresidented?). Can he delete his tweets or are they now public property?

5 Things You Didn't Know About Wikipedia

Your college professors probably told you not to use Wikipedia for papers. But they might have been wrong.

The Internet of Things Leaves Finland Cold

A recent cyberattack targeted the heating systems of two apartment buildings in Finland and left residents temporarily without heat. Thanks, internet of things.

Is Anyone Safe From Another Massive Internet Outage?

Friday's widespread Internet outages hit companies such as Twitter and Spotify hard. Are any systems safe from distributed denial-of-service attacks like these?

Got a Bad Case of FOMO? Get Off Social Media

Bummed out by the Internet and how much more fun everyone else seems to be having? Seeking out better times offline may ease your FOMO.

Will This Election Season Become Known as 'The Great Unfriending'?

The caustic tone of the 2016 presidential race is powerfully affecting ordinary social media users. Will that destroy a lot of social media relationships?

NPR Says No Comments

News organizations have been dropping their commenting sections for years, and NPR has recently joined them. But not everyone thinks ditching comments is the way to go.

Google Has a Shrewd Plan to Fight ISIS Recruitment

Google AdWords aren't just for selling products.

Bragging Could Be Dragging Down Your Online Dating Profile

Looking for love online? Then stop tooting your own horn so much. Oh, and one other thing.

When Live-streaming Bumps Up Against Freedom of Speech and Privacy

There's a lot of live-streaming going on lately. As a result, courts may soon be busy defining when it's appropriate to record or broadcast video.

WiFi: Handy but Also Harmful?

With scores of WiFi networks in place, is wading through an invisible ocean of JPGs, MP3s and more making you sick? BrainStuff leads you through the issue.

Facebook Safety Check Feature Connects People During Disasters

The social media giant activated its Safety Check feature for the first time in the U.S. on Sunday after the Orlando attack. Here's the scoop on how it works.

Retweeting Isn't Doing You Any Comprehension Favors

In an odd twist, retweeting could be negatively affecting your memory of the content, and causing comprehension declines even after your Twitter session is over.