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We look to the Internet for news, socializing, shopping, research and more. From HTML code to instant messaging, we'll break down what's really going on whenever you log on, send an e-mail, visit a popular Web site or post to a blog.

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What makes things on the Internet go viral?

Internet sensations like LOLcat and the Harlem Shake didn't happen overnight. OK, maybe they did. But what did these phenomena have in common (besides inanity)? Are there any rules for making pictures, videos or blogs go viral?

How the Deep Web Works

About 40 percent of the world's population uses the Web for news, entertainment and communication, but in truth, only a sliver of what we know as the World Wide Web is easily accessible.

What is ‘big data’?

Since the advent of the Internet, we've been producing data in staggering amounts. Who's collecting it, and should we be worried?

How Vine Works

Six seconds isn't much time to convey an idea, so why is Vine, with its microvideo social network model, so captivating?

How can I find out what information exists about me online?

If you use the Internet for any length of time, there's probably lots of information floating around out there about you. How do you find it, and can you delete it?

10 Tech Companies That Totally Imploded

The dot-com bubble produced plenty of companies that spent and grew too quickly and couldn't sustain themselves, but some burned out in spectacular style. Here are 10 tech companies that lived fast and died young.

Can e-mails be taxed?

How many e-mails do you send and receive on any given day? Could you imagine if you were taxed for all that digital communication?

How much energy does the Internet use?

Millions of mobile devices, computers and data centers make up the Internet. Machines join and drop off every second, and each requires electricity. Is it possible to measure how much juice the Internet uses?

10 Failed Google Projects

Most people think of Google as a giant juggernaut of Internet success. But even the company behind the world's most popular search engine has had its share of blunders.

How Klout Works

Klout is an online service that tracks your digital, well, clout. Is it a useful tool for navigating the social networking realm or a useless toy for social media showoffs? We'll consider the pros and cons.

How Facebook Timeline Works

In early 2012, Facebook rolled out its new Timeline, which replaced the personal wall format that users had been accustomed to. Some love it, some hate it -- but what's the logic behind the change?

5 Signs Your Facebook Post Will Land You on Failbook

Failbook is set up to showcase all the wins, fails and facepalms that haunt the spidery halls of Facebook (and other social networks). So what is a "fail," and how do you know if you're committing one?

How Google Plus Works

Google has tried to launch social-based products before with limited success. Could Google Plus break the trend and become the next big social network?

How the Google Cloud Works

Google is pushing people to abandon the trend of buying fast personal computers in favor of cloud services. What exactly is the Google Cloud, and how could it change computing?

How Music Clouds Work

Thanks to music clouds, you can access enormous libraries of music virtually anywhere you can get Internet access. How do they operate, and what are their limitations?

How a Cloud Antivirus Works

Cloud computing has opened a whole new world of storage and Web interaction options for users, but is it the best way to protect your computer?

How the Apple iCloud Works

Apple's entry into the cloud storage market promises to synchronize all of your devices -- as long as they're made by Apple. How does iCloud stack up to its competitors?

Does 'to the cloud' mean the same thing as 'let's Google that'?

Buzz phrases often distort the meanings of the words they contain, and sayings related to technology are no exception. We break down two common phrases to see if their meanings are synonymous.

Are my files really safe if I store them in the cloud?

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the standard for our online data. What are the risks of moving your files to cloud servers?

5 Ways to Keep Your Information Secure in the Cloud

As we store more and more of our data on cloud servers, are we leaving ourselves unprotected? Learn how to minimize your risk and keep your information secure.

What is a search engine spider?

Search engine spiders have different tasks. Learn about search engine spiders in this article.

How to Send Text Messages Through Your Computer

If your fingers ache from trying to type text messages from your smartphone or cell phone, you'll be happy to know how easy it is to send them via your computer.

How to Set up Wi-Fi on your Laptop

You want to set up Wi-Fi on your laptop, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to set up Wi-Fi on your laptop in this article.

What do you think the Internet will be like in 2050?

The Internet has gone from a little-known military and educational network to an important part of life for millions of people around the world. What kinds of changes will the Internet go through by the year 2050, and how will they affect us?

How to Sign Up for Facebook

If you're wondering what the big deal is about Facebook, you might be tempted to join. How do you become a member?