Internet Technology

We look to the Internet for news, socializing, shopping, research and more. From HTML code to instant messaging, we'll break down what's really going on whenever you log on, send an e-mail, visit a popular Web site or post to a blog.

Good news. It may not mean that you're a big loser and nobody likes you. What else could affect your chances of gaining and keeping contacts on Web sites like Twitter and Facebook?

The Internet's a good place to project a false image of yourself. It's also a good place to message out your truest innermost thoughts as if no one is listening. Which happens more on social networking sites?

If you've ever caught the giggles from a friend, then you know how giddiness can spread from one slaphappy person to another. But does the same kind of thing happen online?

At 9:30 a.m., your friend updated her Facebook status with, "got the job!" which triggered five thumbs ups and a "w00t!" Does the fact that you know this make you a distracted or productive employee?

How many of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers would you invite to your birthday party or wedding, or call for a ride when your car breaks down? Are these online connections any good to you in real life?

If you're looking to waste some time while you're at work or school, Facebook has a game to help you with that endeavor. Which is your favorite? Poker? Scrabble? Mafia Wars?

Shopaholics, crocheters and music addicts meet up at these online spots to discuss their hobbies with other equally obsessed junkies. What are the five most intriguing niche networks?

If your Facebook status update reads, "Leaving for France!" you're not just gloating about your trip. You're letting everyone know that your house will be empty for about 10 days. Bad idea.

It's the age-old falling tree question: If you tweet and no one is around to hear it, does it make a difference? How can you attract followers so that your tweets aren't made in vain?

When fake Christopher Walken tweets, "The neighbor's cat is back at the window looking in at me," followers snicker. But do the real celebs think this charade is funny?

Do you sometimes wonder who's behind all those witty tweets and tinyurls? It might be nice to finally connect a username with a face. And that, my friend, is the beauty of the tweetup.

Web sites like Facebook and Twitter are designed to keep reeling users back into their realms. And it works. How bad are our addictions to these online social scenes?

Before you start chirping your innermost thoughts on this social networking Web site, take a look at this list of tips. What does a Twitter beginner need to know?

If you're really popular on Twitter -- and of course you are -- you may have trouble managing all your followers effectively. Which Twitter add-ons can help you out?

If you follow the right feeds, Twitter can keep you up-to-date on everything from the president's job to what Oprah ate for dinner. Which Twitter users are the most intriguing?

Some people are just too busy to do their own tweeting. So they have someone else do it for them. What famous people's tweets aren't coming straight from the horse's mouth?

One of the applications on MySpace enables people to post anonymous messages on each others' pages like, "I have a crush on you," or, "You're really ugly." Sound like fun?

When a bunch of Twitter geeks get excited about the same thing at the same time, their chatter can crash the whole service. And that's when the dreaded Fail Whale appears.

NBA star Shaquille O'Neal told his Twitter followers to "Shhhhhh" during halftime of a Phoenix Suns basketball game. What other weird statements do celebs message out to their fans via Twitter?

It's been called a Google killer, but Stephen Wolfram's computational knowledge engine doesn't work like Google. So what does it do, and does it live up to its hype?

Your options for getting online are myriad, and the technology is ever-evolving. Learn about modems, cables, WiFi and hotspots in vehicles with images of Internet connection tech.

If you've joined MySpace, Facebook or one of the Web's other communities, you've accepted their terms of service. If you break those terms, did you break the law?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 appeared only two years after its predecessor. What improvements are included in this next-generation Web browser?

YouTube has taken videos on the Web to a new level. With this image gallery, take a look at the interface and famous people on YouTube.

Digital photography has made it inexpensive and fun for people to document their lives. How does Photobucket store and show so many photos and videos?